Which Remedies Diminish Aging Foot Problems?

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Chronic foot problems can become invasive as we age. The majority of people choose not to seek professional care to help rid them of any ailment, but this often leads to worse issues. When it comes to treating your feet, say several podiatrist pasadena md residents can perform fundamental exercises that help strengthen the plantar band, which can help diminish those feet problems. The feet support all the weight of the body and we need to move around, provide good posture, and walk with a natural gait. Routine exercises keep them strong. 

The Most Important Body Part We Typically Ignore 

All of us do regular maintenance of our cars, computers and other technological components, but one of the most important body parts, that we use to get from here to there is often neglected. The consequences of this negligence usually result in discomfort and foot ailments. So how can you strengthen your feet to diminish future problems? According to podiatrist, there are several useful exercises to do daily for the maintenance of your feet. 

Make sure your big toe is stretched. Your big toe is really an anchor. Push it towards the ground, move it around, bending, arching, and stretching it. Stretch out your toes. Raise and stretch your toes as much as possible and hold the position for about 15 seconds. Relax and repeat two more times. 

Press down into the floor. Lift the heel slightly, apply light pressure to the floor with your toes (preferably standing over a rug or towel) and hold the position for a few seconds. Relax, bringing the heel back to the floor and repeat two more times. Tighten toe muscles. Sit in a chair with a straight back. Place a pen or pencil on the floor and try to pick it up with your toes. Leave it on the floor, wait a few seconds and try it again. Five to ten repetitions a day is good. Gradually you can use pens or markers that are larger. 

Use elastic bands. Grab an elastic band and place one foot in the middle of the band. Pull band towards your chest and stretch your feet inward with toes flexing towards you. Hold for ten seconds then relax. Repeat the same exercise, instead pointing the toes away from you. Massage with a ball. Using a tennis golf or rubber ball, stand with it under the middle of the foot and roll back and forth. Make circular movements, forward and backward, then switch to other foot. Perform five to ten repetitions on each foot. 

Give yourself a foot massage. Using your fingers, pull your toes toward you, then away from you. Use circular motions with your fingers, giving yourself a deep massage, from the toes to the sole. Balance on one foot. Stand on one foot. While lifting the other foot, move your ankle around, clockwise and then counter-clockwise. 

In addition to performing physical activity on a regular basis, it is very important to check your diet. The swelling of the feet and ankles, also called peripheral edema, is a widespread and increasing problem among the population. One of the causes that result in swelling of the feet is the lifestyle that we lead. Often being too sedentary and a source of stress and obesity. Moderate physical activity, complimented with a balanced diet can remedy most feet ailments, but it’s also important to keep up with annual physicals to ensure there are no underlying medical problems.

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