Benefits of Home Dialysis Treatments

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When people hear the word dialysis, they tend to picture a patient, hopelessly seated on a hospital recliner connected to a machine for hours on end. However, this is not the case as there have been significant advancements in the health arena, which make dialysis a much friendlier option and different from what people used to think of it. Nowadays, it is even possible to undergo dialysis from the comfort of your home. 


One of the main advantages of undergoing dialysis from the comfort of your home is the convenience it brings with it. Usually, in-center dialysis sessions take place three days a week, and each session often lasts about four hours a day. This means that if you had a day job that requires your presence daily, you might have to quit because not many employers can excuse you for three days a week. 

On the other hand, in-house treatments are convenient as you can schedule your dialysis sessions depending on your routine. For instance, automated peritoneal dialysis can be done throughout the night hence leaving your daytime schedule unaltered. On top of that, traveling to the dialysis center three times a week can be incredibly tiring which further takes a toll on your health. 

Fewer Dietary Restrictions 

While in-center dialysis comes with its perks such as direct help and support from professional medical and nursing staff, home dialysis is becoming a more popular option among kidney failure patients because, besides the convenience, it also means fewer dietary restrictions. With in-center dialysis sessions, the patient is often restricted to a steady diet as a measure to prevent waste, salt, and excess water buildup. This is however eliminated when the patients undergo dialysis at home as there are more frequent treatments which means that the waste is regularly released from their system. Therefore, even though you’ll have to make minor changes to your diet, you can still enjoy some of the meals you did before without worrying about waste buildup. Additionally, frequent home treatments also mean fewer side effects and a healthier you. 

Minimal Costs 

In-center treatments mean that you have to travel to the hospital three times a week. This results in more costs as your fuel bill doubles up. When you combine the costs of transportation and your hospital bills, this can easily take a toll on your financial stability. On the other hand, home treatments eliminate these costs, as your doctor trains you and a care partner of your choice how to set, operate and clean the machine from your living room’s comfort. 

In-house dialysis also improves the quality of life. How? Well, more treatments mean that you stand a high chance of recovery. Also, the fact that they can be carried out at night and leave your daytime schedule intact implies that you have the time and opportunity to indulge in some of the things you love such as watching a movie and your favorite TV shows, spend time with your pets or surf the internet which makes you happy. 

When you are at home, you are surrounded by your loved ones who will cheer you up and give you a reason to continue pushing. In other words, in-house treatments give you a chance to lead a normal life which makes you much happier. On the other hand, while at a dialysis center, you are surrounded by a bunch of patients and doctors. Such an environment is depressing as it reminds you of the condition in your hands all the time.


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