Essential Home Care Options You Can Go for

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The term home care means “home care“. It is a type of health care that consists of transferring the care of the clinically stable patient who no longer needs the services offered by the hospital for the comfort of home. It is a safe and effective option because the family environment brings together the physical, affective, and social conditions that are of utmost importance for the patient’s recovery.

A health service in the comfort of your home and meets the needs of people who are temporarily or permanently unable to move to home health jobs near me. The search for more humanized care, avoiding hospitalization and consequently the stress resulting from the long wait for care and the awareness that the stay of the person at home is a situation that should be preserved and encouraged by the whole family, plus active participation of the professionals involved are fundamental in the recovery process and make home care a primary health care activity.

Home Health Care

This service is indicated in the treatment of various pathologies or in cases of rehabilitation when there is no need for hospitalization. Such service involves a multidisciplinary team, with doctor, nurse, nutritionist, physiotherapist (respiratory and motor), speech therapist, among others, who will provide services with the same quality as those performed in the hospital.

However, it is important to differentiate home care services from the caregiver figure . Home care assistance requires a set of professionals specialized in various areas, while the caregiver is responsible for the basic care of the patient, such as assisting them in their nutrition, hygiene, among others.

Benefits of Home Health Care

Home Care has several social and economic benefits, such as:

  • Humanization of care;
  • Faster patient recovery;
  • Decreased risk of nosocomial infection;
  • Optimization of hospital beds for patients in need;
  • Cost reduction / day of hospitalization;
  • Tranquility of the patient to be close to their relatives;
  • Prevention and minimization of any sequelae;
  • Reduction of hospitalizations due to relapses.

Some Caregiver Functions

  • Take charge of elementary patient care activities, whether a family member or a contractor;
  • Assist in locomotion and physical activities such as walking, sunbathing, moving joints;
  • Stimulate and help with food;
  • Promote leisure and recreation;
  • Promote communication and socialization;
  • Stimulate memory and intellect in general;
  • Stimulate to maintain or adapt the development of labor activities according to their capabilities;
  • Maintain the cleanliness and order of the frail elderly person’s house and room

Peace of mind: With home care, you won’t have to worry about falls or injuries to your loved one while performing daily activities such as using the stove, climbing stairs or taking a shower. On the contrary, you can rest assured that he is not alone and is being treated well by a good Professional.

Low Cost: Usually home care fees are charged by the hour, giving you complete control over overspending. Apart from the fact, you will not have unnecessary expenses with the hospital medical structure.

Need Home Care For A Loved One?

Use an online application that will allow you to locate and schedule the services of the best home healthcare professionals near you right there in your city. Just check the availability of schedules that best fits your routine. You can request professionals for immediate or scheduled home customer service for your needs and for a longer period.

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