Enzyme Supplementation with Fermented Foods for Overall Better Health

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Fermented health foods have been the cornerstone of eastern medicine principle ever since humans began attempting. Fermented foods provide many different antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help keep the body’s immune system in check. Of importance are enzymes that are released when fermenting foods. A research study on digestive enzymes showed that supplementation may help treat certain diseases. Certain combinations have also shown to produce unique therapeutic options for diseases like celiac disease, GI disease, or pancreatic insufficiency. As the human body, it loses the ability to maintain peak performance in metabolism. Certain enzyme productions become less than optimal, and this has been linked to the aging process. Using enzyme supplements has proven to help replenish the enzyme levels our bodies require for optimal health. 

Enzymes are molecules that are made out of protein and can have different co-factors that help it perform in metabolic functions. Enzymes are like the small micro-factories are cell has to help produce other important molecules our bodies require. Enzymes work by bringing together certain molecules together and act as a catalyst to change the molecules into a product our body can use. Enzymes make reactions favorable and therefore help make products that our bodies need at a faster rate. Because enzymes are made of proteins our bodies require amino acids, the building blocks, to maintain high levels of enzymes. As we age the process of upkeeping enzymes levels fall because our cells become less efficient as we age. 

The principle behind supplementation with the enzyme from fermented products is simply to replace the normal level of enzymes with enzymes made from other health foods. By this way, consuming fermented foods can help us obtain the amino acids and other enzyme components we need to maintain good health. Enzyme levels can drop when we consume foods that have their own enzymes removed so we have a net loss of enzymes since we need enzymes for normal metabolism. Once our body has reached a low threshold of enzymes the digestion process that normally occurs will begin to slow down. This becomes a vicious cycle because we obtain enzymes from digestion. If our bodies can’t digest food, then it won’t have the necessary building blocks to make more enzymes.

If we don’t have enzymes we make the problem of digestion worse. Supplementation in this way can interrupt the cycle by adding enzymes to the digestive tract and allow the process to come up on its own again. This only helps with the initial problem because our body needs a constant supply of enzymes, so supplementation offers a great treatment modality to palliate certain diseases related to digestive issues.

Eastern medicine has fermented foods at the forefront of treatment principles. Japanese fermentation science is based on this principle. Enzymes are retrieved from the fermentation of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. These health foods are harvested from Brazilian rainforests and extracted in a three-step process with 1dH pure soft water. A total of 108 ingredients are extracted and naturally put into a small pill to make supplementation easy. This supplementation can help reduce stomach bloating and excess gas when the bacteria in the stomach has gone out of balance from lack of proper nutrients. Malicious bacteria may also begin to populate causing your immune system and other organs such as the liver to work harder. These symptoms can be drastically reduced with enzyme supplementation from fermented health foods.


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