Are There Interactions with Cannabis and Antidepressants

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Are you another depressed soul, pondering on the idea of consuming cannabis just because you heard that it heals depression. Well, there is more to it which you need to know about. You would be shocked to find out that Cannabis can interact with antidepressants.

Why do People opt for the idea of Using Cannabis?

It is now scientifically proven that Cannabis is greatly capable of inducing the amazing feeling of Euphoria and instant pleasure that bounds its consumer to use it again. It can also make the people feel stress-free and overcome anxiety or depression to some extent which makes it desirable for most people to consume it in excess.

Lack of Awareness

People battling depression are prescribed antidepressants by the concerned medical officials. Little do they know, that Cannabis which is being consumed by them greatly interacts with their antidepressants and can pose great dangers to their health. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to possess awareness about the adverse effects that can result if Cannabis is combined with antidepressants.

Probabilities and Chances of the interactions of Cannabis and Antidepressants

Various studies show that combining psychotropic medications with psychoactive drugs can lead to increased chances of experiencing adverse effects or side effects. However, According to the University of Connecticut, these interactions and adverse effects are mostly rare and are less likely to happen or do not happen at all. Most antidepressants possess a low to moderate risk of interacting with Medical Drugs such as Cannabis.

Adverse effects and risks due to the interaction of Cannabis and Antidepressants

A significant factor having a huge impact on the adverse effects is its dosage which is a growing concern for most physicians. It is because the side effects of any combination of drugs directly depend upon the dose being consumed as both drugs in the combination may have varying adverse effects.

However, according to the advice of most medical professionals and psychotherapists, one should abstain from cannabis out of the two when taking antidepressants.

Most patients experience mood disturbances when they use cannabis and antidepressants together. A medical professional named Schwartz was surprised when his patient agreed to leave marijuana to determine the improvement, if any, in his/her mood. Not only that, he/she was also surprised to find out that the mood greatly improved upon leaving the drug which was marijuana in this case.

Another big reason to leave Cannabis when used along with antidepressants is that it is found that, depressed people mostly tend to abuse Cannabis due to their depression which can pose a serious threat to their health. Moreover, it is also seen that patients with severe depression are most likely to avoid their medications particularly because of irreversible dependence on the drug.

What happens when Antidepressants are used with Cannabis

Recent studies show that:

  • Cannabis when consumed with tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) can interact with them and produce a great number of adverse effects.
  • Using Cannabis with TCAs can result in tachycardia, more commonly known as Irregular and fast heartbeat.
  • There is a high probability of developing a heart disease if you use Cannabis and antidepressants together, even if you have no previous history of heart problems.
  • Combining Cannabis with other medications can also result in dizziness, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, along with having difficulty in trying to sleep.

How to avoid these problems?

Having proper knowledge and awareness regarding your medications can prove to be a real lifesaver when it comes to taking any medicine. You should not combine any two medicines without the advice of your doctor or concerned medical professional. If you notice any abnormal health condition, it is of utmost importance to concern your doctor as soon as possible. Follow this advice and you are good to go.

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