5 Best Trending Foods In 2020

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Our eating habits and behaviors are constantly evolving. We live in a consumer-driven world, where sourcing ingredients from across the planet is convenient and more so desirable. Whether it is aromatic coffee coming from Ethiopia or spices grown in India, cooking enthusiasts have access to the best finest food in the world.

It is not only fashion that trends, but the culinary world is also changing swiftly with time. Social media plays its part in it by escalating some perfected recipes from novice cooks to top-rated chefs. With technology ruling our lives, the food trends that begin in one small area travel quickly all across the world. Every day new recipes are being replicated, modified, and tried by millions. However, few trends are here to stay. Let us find out more about them.

1.  Cannabis edibles

The legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world, opened doorways for this herb to enter our kitchen. The cannabis-infused canna oil and butter available on various dispensaries can quickly add up with multiple gourmet and savory dishes. One can also buy Cannabis online Canada and lookup for a recipe to make on their own.

Cannabis-infused brownies and cookies are gaining immense popularity. It is probably for the extra punch of energy it provides to the food. The fact that the cannabis edibles take some time to kick in makes its consumption all the more fun. The series of health benefits it provides are cherry on the icing. Who would not want to finish their dinner with a dessert that relieves insomnia?

2.  Gut-good drinks

Especially after the global health crisis, there is a sudden demand and likeability towards food that boost immunity. The fermented tea, known as kombucha, has emerged as an immunity-boosting recreational drink. Though it is a traditional drink that has been around for ages, it got its due recognition off lately. This drink is also high on caffeine and is loaded with antioxidants and gut-friendly probiotics. Grab a glass if you want to get a little high due to its mild alcoholic properties.

3.  Fast Food Breakfast

While healthy choices dictate some food trends, others are all about splurging. Many fast-food chains are diversifying their menu with some exquisite breakfast menus and options at early hours, picking up with the trend. Grabbing your breakfast at a fast-food chain is getting exciting.

4.  Veganism

As more research work uncovers the benefits of a plant-based diet, a vegan lifestyle is gradually making it to the top food trend list. In light of this cruelty-free lifestyle, food companies are also introducing non-meat supplements.

5.  Enjoy Authentically

Do you think tacos will taste better in Mexico, or will pizza be best served in Italy? The next food trend is about tracing down the food origin and enjoying it in its simplest form. A place specific recipe inculcates a lot of local harvests that make the food wholesome and more nutritious.

So, people do not mind taking up traveling to enjoy authentic dishes. Eating local and seasonal also allows one to pick up farm-fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market. It is the best way to enjoy food items at their peak season and in their natural form without additives.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the current food trends are stimulating yet straightforward. Gone are the days when the most trendy food lists were only about loading empty calories. Today, food choices and trends reflect a common man’s urge to follow a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We are gradually moving towards a food culture that reflects a balance between flavors and health.

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