What You Should Expect if You are Having Surgery for the First Time

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Surgery can be a very frightening thing to some people. If you are prone to anxiety or fearing the unknown, then you could potentially get very worked-up at the thought of surgery. 

Hopefully, your doctor will take the time to thoroughly explain to you what is going to happen during your surgery. The more details you have about the procedure, the more likely you are to feel relaxed. If you have questions or concerns about needing the procedure, it is always okay to get a second opinion. Don’t feel bad about wanting one. 

Once you know that having a procedure is your best option, do some research about it. Know what it will be like to recover from the procedure. Ask your doctor questions ahead of time so you’ll know if you will need assistance from friends of family for a while. Will you be mobile enough to drive? If not, you will wish to have your plan in place. If you are having a major surgery, such as a knee replacement, you will be needing to move your sleeping area to downstairs because you won’t be able to negotiate steps for a long time. It may take several weeks before you are able to drive. Have your recovery planned well so that you know how you’ll survive and get groceries, bathe, take care of your pets if you have them, and so many other things that we take for granted. 

Some surgical procedures Franklin TN, are quite minor and can be done on an outpatient basis. This means that you go in very early in the morning, go through pre-op, have your surgery, wake-up in post-op and get released to go home all in the same day. These procedures are often done so that the hospital beds are not filled overnight, the cost to the patient is less, and the convenience for most patients is desirable. 

If you have never had surgery, the anesthesia can be strange. You will be given something to relax you first. You will have no nerve issues once you are given the relaxing medication in your IV, which is part of your pre-op checklist. Once you are in the surgical area, you will be placed into position for the doctor to have the best angles to do the surgery. 

Typically, an anesthesiologist will introduce themselves to you. You will be asked to count backward or say the alphabet while the drug is administered. You will drift off very quickly. You will not have dreams. You will find yourself being awakened in what seems like only moments. As your mind comes back to you, a nurse will be there. They will speak to you and reassure you. They will keep you covered in warm blankets. Sometimes you will wake with the breathing tube still down your throat. This was inserted after you were knocked out for surgery. The nurse may tell you it is there and to not try to talk. She will remove it gently. It will not hurt but it does feel very strange. As soon as your vital signs are normal, you’ll be discharged with instructions for your medications and self-care.

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