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 Long before ultra-trippy cannabis seeds increased its demand, sativa and indica seeds have been dominating the cultivated varieties that’s up in the market for several years. With constant evolution, strains are introduced to create a whole new division called “Hybrids”, which handles the most electrifying and prominent horror seeds like Jock Horror.

Jock Horror – also known as Jack – a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a crossbred with three distinct weed legends; Northern Light x Skunk with Haze. This feminized marijuana seeds gigantically grow in looks due to its phenomenal resin production (seeds planted bring out glistened resin glands in its branches).

Since Marijuana Seeds  are potent cannabis strain with high yields and has automatic feminized characteristics, Jack’s all-female (feminized) strain means you will only grow females with no chances of males accidentally pollinating your plants. This small yet powerful buzz strain can flower early in just 7 to 9 weeks. The designed psychedelic weed hybrid like Jack will surely let you discover high levels of euphoria and sweet, stony, uplifting and tasty, true Nirvana.


Despite her size, Jock Horror is perfectly suited for beginner growers looking for the ultimate hybrid. This cannabis seed is literally coated from leaf to stem in thick, sticky resin, and amazingly delivers potency, flavour and easability to grow.  Buds glisten with crystals quickly grows  your grow room with its tall and large sized stature.

The smell and flavor of Jock Horror cannabis is fresh with a mix of floral and sour, Hazy notes. Aside from its powerful effects, this uplifting weed is largely considered by the psychedelic community because of its energetic and very creative impression on users. It has given such excellent credentials and surprising quality finishes


This delightfully delectable to both mind and palate wacky weed, is used by some coffee shops in Amsterdam and world over because of its nice-smelling aroma. Jock Horror Feminized is quite easy to maintain for new growers and is considered ideal in hydroponics settings. When raised correctly, its good breeding will reflect as it’ll center its buzz as autoflowering cannabis seed that will make your wildest dreams come true!

The strain is famous to have attractive yields and can be grown both indoor and outdoors. Known for its instant budding of seeds and feminized variety pest resistant (since it has a very potent strain component called “ganja”), Jock Horror is very perfect to grow and quick to harvest. It also has its very smooth and very strong effects; its smoke itself is appealing and addictive at the same time, plus it essentially brings out no lingering reactions or hangover.


This improved, faster and more intense hybrid version JOCK HORROR FEMINIZED SEEDS can now be at your doorstep. The euphoric buzz and nice aroma of Jock Horror in unique character is now offered at low prices, and shipped fast. Check Mary Jane’s Garden to get your fresh beans!

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