How to have the best sex life  

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Whether the problem is small or big, there are numerous things that you and your partner can do to have the best sex life. Your sexual well-being is closely connected to your overall emotional, physical and mental health. With that said, here some tips on improving your sex life.

Practice touching

Use sensate focus techniques similar to the those of sex therapists to re-establish physical intimacy while feeling relaxed. Many educational video and self-help books offer different exercises. Also, you can ask your partner to start touching you the way they would like you to touch them. This will let you know how much pressure, from firm to gentle, you should use.

Use designer vagina to transform your sex life

You can also go for a designer vagina to improve your sex life by adding general and sexual satisfaction. When the size of your labia makes sex uncomfortable and painful as a result of excessive twisting and tugging of the skin, labiaplasty is the best genital cosmetic intervention you can go for. It will reduce the size of your labia and bring back self-confidence. You will also start to enjoy sex with your partner more than before. You can also choose to reduce your labia majora, the outer flaps of skin covering your labia minora. This will also make sex comfortable and make you comfortable with your physical appearance.

Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening is a rejuvenation procedure that tightens your vagina after you have given birth, causing your vagina to be more stretched. Tightening your vagina will make your sex life improve since you and your partner will now experience orgasm. If you would like to get your vagina tightened, visit Europe Surgery today and start your journey a more fulfilling sex life.

Use lubrication

Lower levels of estrogen following menopause can result in blood supply to your vagina. This can end up affecting vaginal lubrication, causing your vagina to become too dry for comfortable sex. Fortunately, you can treat vaginal dryness with water-soluble lubricants and enhance sex while making it more comfortable.

Give yourself time

Your sexual responses will slow down as you age. You can also improve your sex life by looking for a quiet, comfortable setting that’s free from interruption and enjoy sex. You should understand since your body is going through some physical changes, you will need more time to be aroused and reach orgasm. Spending more time with your partner having sex is great. Working these physical needs into your lovemaking routine will open up opportunities to a new sexual experience.

Do Kegel exercises

Your pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of powerful muscle fibres sitting like a hammock between the pubic bone and tailbone, supporting the core as well as the organs of the lower abdomen. Kegels (pelvic floor exercises) increase sensation, build muscle strength and boost blood flow to your vagina, which helps you to control these muscles and make you experience stronger orgasms.

Studies have revealed that women who have a strong pelvic floor experience longer-lasting and more intense orgasms. The reason why this happens because your pelvic floor muscles always contract during orgasm. This means that the more you strengthen your pelvic floor the more your orgasms will become stronger. Doing Kegel exercises on a daily basis increases the blood floor to your vagina, which improves sensitivity and lubrication. Pelvic floor exercise training also results in arousal, greater sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction.

Try different positions with your partner

Developing a repertoire of various sexual positions will add interest to sex and can help overcome issues. For instance, the increased stimulation to your G-spot that happens when your partner enters you from behind can help you reach orgasm.

Educate yourself

There are plenty of great self-help materials available for all types of sexual issues. Go to your local bookstore or browse the Internet and pick out some resources that you can use to help you together with your partner be informed about the problem in your sex life. If talking directly is hard, you and your partner should underline passages that you like and show each other.


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