5 minutes a day for tonic legs

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It is important for a runner to maintain good muscle tone in the legs. Lunges and the Sumo Squat are two very useful exercises for this purpose

With the resumption of the usual post-holiday activities, many of us return to the gym. In all weight rooms, there is equipment that allows you to specifically train the different muscles. Many people, and in particular runners, need to find or maintain a good muscle tone of the lower limbs to improve running technique, prevent back pain, reduce fatigue in the usual daily activities, delay as much as possible the problems that arise from having weak legs.

Precisely for this reason exercises are often performed that simulate the movements of everyday life as much as possible, from climbing stairs, getting up from a chair to picking up weights on the ground.

Among the exercises that can be performed, some can be carried out at home, obviously always taking care to maintain the correct position in order to avoid creating further problems. Below we offer the Lunges and the Sumo Squat: it takes 5 minutes a day acheter Primobolan en France regularly, to maintain a good muscle tone in the legs.


The execution of this exercise can be performed with or without the aid of dumbbells. The starting position is standing, with the arms extended at the sides; if dumbbells are used, the hands support the latter, otherwise, they will rest on the hips; the legs and feet are positioned so as not to exceed the width of the shoulders.

The execution consists in taking a step forward, so as to form a right angle between the thigh and the tibia. At this stage of the exercise, it is very important that the knee does not exceed the tiptoe line. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Lunges are one of the best leg training exercises, as they have a low traumatic impact on the joints and on the lumbar area, are simple to perform and very effective for the development of muscle mass.

Sumo Squat

Also, this exercise, like the previous one, can be performed with or without dumbbells. In the starting position, standing, the hands can support the dumbbells or be placed on the hips (in case of free body exercise). The feet are spread apart at a greater width than the shoulders and with the toes pointing outwards.

When preparing, support the dumbbell with both hands and look straight ahead. During the execution, perform push-ups on the knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor, pushing the hips back and keeping the back straight. Get up slowly, return to the starting position and repeat.

It is important to pay attention to the knees, which must always follow the diagonal drawn from the tips of the feet.

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