Hair and Beauty Tips for Looking Good in the Summer

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It seems as if the summer is finally here and with it the challenges of maintaining a hair and beauty regime while enjoying soaring temperatures. Once you have scoured the internet and found some incredible Celebrity Dresses such as the ones you can find at you can set about working on your summer skin and hair in time for your order arriving. The use of sun cream, the wearing of hats and all manner of other things are designed to frustrate even the most well-thought-out regime during the summer.

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Summer Beauty

The first day of July 2015 was, according to the BBC, the hottest July day ever recorded in the UK. If the hot weather continues, then it is certain to be a challenge to maintain a good hair and beauty routine. Bathing and showering more regularly to keep cool can dry skin out, so the use of a good moisturiser is vital. Additionally, the use of an after-sun product, even if you have applied sun screen, can help skin remain healthy.

The British Association of Dermatologists has published a fact sheet about the use of sunscreen – the importance of which cannot be overstated. Although you may be wearing a moisturiser with SPF, it is still important during spells of extremely hot weather to wear sun cream underneath. It is also important to protect lips, and many sunscreen manufacturers feature lip-protection sun block within their product ranges. Although it is not really advisable, if you do plan to wear other make-up during the hot weather, then for daytime it is better to use natural colours, while evenings can be a good excuse for using bronzers and brighter colours that look great in sunny climates.

Summer Hair

Whatever your hair type, trying to keep it looking good when the weather gets hot is definitely a challenge. The easiest solutions are to cover it up with a hat or, if it is long enough, to tie it back, but there are other more drastic solutions. One way to keep long hair manageable during the hot weather is to go for regular trims and to wear hair without a fringe. The use of clips and Alice bands to keep hair off your face is also a good idea and more interesting than using a hat or a bobble.

Hopefully, this has provided some useful tips for getting yourself, your beauty routine and your hair through the hot weather.

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