Fitness levels of amateur and professional players

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Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or just a keen member of your local football team (or anywhere in between), one thing you have in common is the need to be fit and physically strong. Fitness can be measured in strength, stamina and suppleness, but how exactly do you measure fitness?

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One method, which has become part of many professional team football kits, as well as rugby team kits, is wearable sensors, which use technology to not only track work rate, but also how far and how fast a player moves during a match and while training. These smart sensors capture movement in a way that coaches of the 20th century could only ever dream of. The sensors allow the players to identify moments during a training session or match when their body starts to tire as well as providing the coach with important information on how best to train the team and the individuals within it.

Football research

Recent research from one of the leading organisations in this field shows that amateur football players across every position are only about 20% slower than professional players. Most amateur athletes won’t ever reach their fitness potential, but the fierce competitive nature of professional football, for example, means that coaches ensure that every player reaches their maximum fitness levels.

It is estimated that in Britain, there are more than 17,500 professional sports people (with the numbers of amateur players being uncounted). Both professional and amateur players will benefit from the Cheap Football Kits for training sessions as well as their match kits available from sites such as kitking football kits

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Aspirations to move from school teams into amateur clubs on a local level means that even weekend sports players are looking for every performance edge they can gain. Sadly, this means that some people overstep the mark and start looking for shortcuts when it comes to enhancing their fitness levels. Doping as a quick fix to improve amateur fitness levels is sadly becoming widespread, as this article shows. It will however have a detrimental effect on the body in the long run and will lead to injuries, bans from matches and teams as well as occasionally causing health issues.

Dedication and time

Reaching the fitness levels of a professional player takes dedication and time. It is these players’ livelihood, so it’s no wonder they are committed to being the best they can be. Professional sports careers tend to be short, as maintaining peak fitness is only possible for a relatively short period of time. Those looking for a six-pack to be proud of or the fitness to play amateur sports at whatever level will typically be able to be fit enough for as long as they want, with help from magazines, the local gym or their coaches.


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