Creative Company Gift Ideas For Employees For 2020

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It is the latest trend to operate from home. As recorded in 2020, for half of the time, 5 million employees work remotely. And the fact is that remote employees face problems that vary from the office’s challenges: remaining engaged, feeling interested or respected, and battling isolation.

What should be done to keep the employees engaged?

Give promotional items to remote workers that facilitate inclusivity within a team and make them comfortable. For instance, you could order custom branded sanitizer bottles for them from customerthpromos, they have a variety of Anti-Viral Promotional Items. Remote workers would be active, empowered, and driven to become brand ambassadors.

Company gift ideas for employees

  • Tea Tin

The advantages of regular discussions around the coffee machine or water cooler are not open to remote workers. Connect with each team member and interact over tea through this small tea tin. The tin consists of Black Tea Constant, Plantation Mint, Black Tea Lemon Raise, and Pomegranate Green Tea.

  • Water Bottles

These days, personalized bottles are the coolest employee swag. To remain hydrated during the day, everybody enjoys getting a great bottle on the table. They come in a selection of designs and colors, so you can adapt the look and sound of your brand to the correct product. A staple for their desks, they are must-have accessories.

  • Chenille Blanket

Offer workers a cosy present that allows them to work with a Chenille blanket in various environments around their living room. Fresh environments and experiences, even though the next space is over, help ignite innovation.

  • Fitness Gear

Daily exercise can improve our physical and emotional fitness and mood, it also makes workers healthier and more productive and provides them with a safer working atmosphere. So, with some business swag, help and inspire the employee’s fitness.

The assistance would be welcomed by workers who need help. The swag would be appreciated by those who already have a workout regimen.

  • Eco-friendly items

It is a classic win-win to give your staff eco-friendly stuff. It lets you minimize waste (and costs) in the workplace with disposable goods and makes them feel positive for trying to do their part.

Apart from water bottles, there are several other eco-friendly alternatives available. Choosing eco-friendly products for staff helps them make their lives easier around the office and helps them feel great about attempting to make a green choice.

  • Yoga Mat

Give the squad mats and include it in everybody’s everyday routine to stretch out, walkabout, and just relax every few hours for 10-15 minutes. It motivates workers to take the time and be driven to work.

  • Healthy Snack

Often there is a major effect on the small stuff, and this balanced snack does exactly that. When they don’t struggle with the mid-afternoon stomach growls the remote workers become more interested and inspired.


A viable business swag model for 2020 has to be scalable. It should be something that in many ways represents an organization outside the main justification for ordering it in the first place. It is frustrating to avoid surplus inventory that you can’t use and may potentially become a warehouse burden. Designing swag that will be used during an event along with a potential recruit on boarding, for example, provides a funnel for any future leftovers.

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