Don’t Be Consumed By Consumption

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Childhood obesity has been a forefront issue in the US for quite some time. So much so, that former First Lady, Michelle Obama began a Let’s Move campaign to help fight this epidemic. While there may not be a grossly large amount of excessively obese children, many children are still overweight for their age and height. Much of this is due to the obvious, poor eating habits. However, this may not just be an at-home problem, but something that is aggravated within the school system as well. 

Most elementary age children eat their lunch and sometimes even breakfast at school. The meals provided by schools, hospitals, and other catering organizations, are known as food service. These operators of foodservice are supplied by foodservice distributors. While foodservice may be seemingly convenient for most, it has indeed raised health concerns for some. 

Foodservice tends to contain more calories and less nutrients than most home-cooked meals. The movie Super Size Me proved this case and point, where filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, consumed only fast food for 30 days. The experiment led to more than 24 pounds gained, an increase in cholesterol, fat accumulation on his liver and mood swings along with sexual dysfunction. After going on a strict vegan diet, Spurlock was finally able to lose the weight after 14 months. 

And yet, the same companies that supply fast food restaurants, are also responsible for the food consumed in school cafeterias. That being the case, it’s no wonder child hood obesity is such an issue. In recent years, however, various strategies have been implemented to encourage healthy eating habits, not just at home, but in schools as well. 

More and more vending companies are filling their machines with healthy snack options and placing them in offices as well as schools. Fast food companies are starting to add more salad options to the menu, as well as providing nutrition labels. Even foodservice distributors are beginning to jump aboard the health train. In fact, after searching for any food services denver co, I found there to be a number of distributors who now provide not only healthier options, but vegetarian and even vegan as well. 

Food is something that we all need in order to live. However, improper consumption could actually have an adverse effect on our bodies. With some foods causing health issues such as high cholesterol and even clogged arteries, poor food choices could literally mean the difference between life and death. While food is meant to be tasty so that we will want to eat it, we should consume our food, and not let food consume us. Eating to live should be the main goal. By being food conscious and aware, we may consume food responsibly so that it may do what it is intended to do, which is to provide energy and nutrition. 

Sure, food is delicious, and unfortunately, bad food is often extremely delicious. However, try to keep in mind, that a belly full, is a belly full. Once your hunger is satisfied, your stomach won’t care if it had a cheeseburger or a salad. Your brain will still receive the message that you are indeed full. However, the message sent to your body highly depends on your food choice. Are you telling your body to store fat, clog arteries and go to sleep? Or, are you encouraging your body to get up and move, burn calories and rejuvenate cells? You have the power. Yield it responsibly!


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