Try Something New When the Next Holiday Comes Around

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One easy way to keep your employees happy is to keep giving them rewards to look forward to. I like to celebrate everyone’s birthday with a special cake of their choice, and I like to throw a party with balloons and streamers. It makes people feel special to have everyone celebrate their special day. Everyone gets a special party once each year. That’s one way that I keep rewarding my employees. There are other parties throughout the year as well, and most of those parties are scheduled around holidays. I try to celebrate each holiday that comes up on my calendar, so all the different religions feel celebrated during the year as well.

We do some of our parties in the office because we have a large conference room. We set up the tables to match whatever holiday we are celebrating, and we buy decorations to make the event extra special. However, sometimes we feel like taking the party out of the office. Sometimes it feels nice to have everyone meet at one of our favorite restaurants. I was picking the restaurant where we would meet for the first few holidays. When I became the boss I really liked the ability to choose where we went to celebrate the holidays. However, I have started to give this decision up to allow everyone to weigh in on where we should go. The bill is paid by the company, so it acts as a reward. It’s an extra special incentive if they get to pick the restaurant.

We’ve visited most of the ethnic cuisine restaurants in our city, and a few of them I liked so much that I returned with my family since I first visited some of these establishments. The restaurants usually have some holiday decor already, but if they don’t have decorations set up already, we have someone put up a few streamers to celebrate. I like to make these occasions memorable because I want my employees to know how much I care about lifting their spirits. For the last holiday we celebrated it was decided by vote that we would visit a japanese sushi restaurant st john in. The sushi was a perfect new dish for me to try. I had never tried Japanese cuisine until that night, and I was quite pleased with my meal. My family has been back to that restaurant twice since our company took everyone there to celebrate.

Restaurants are perfect venues to celebrate holidays, and it’s nice if someone’s birthday falls close to the holiday. We have had that happen, and it’s exciting for everyone to have the server bring out a birthday cake. Everyone joins in to sing for the birthday celebration. There’s no better way to celebrate than when you are in the company of friends. Our office consists of people who have been working together for several years, so we have grown close to one another. It’s a pleasure to see everyone grow each year. I love celebrating them.

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