A Revolution In The World Of Coffee!

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Everyone loves that perfect cup o’ joe. Some people like to make it at home, others go to a premium coffee shop complete with a barista, while still others needing a caffeine fix frequent their local gas station or truck stop. For those of us that make our brew at home, the go-to is usually the beloved K Cup. 

What is a K Cup? 

The K Cup or coffee pod is a product that revolutionized home coffee-brewing. They come in a single serve package containing ground coffee beans of your choice, filter, plastic cup, and aluminum lid. All you have to do is have a coffee brewer that uses the pods. The convenience is one major bonus to this product. All you have to do is open the pod and put it in the coffee brewer. No measuring, grinding or making a mess. 

Why Should I Try The K Cup? 

So, why should you give the K Cup a shot? Well, if you are a coffee lover, you are sure to find something that will suit your taste. Whether you like a smooth dark roast or a sweet and creamy latte, there is something for you. Another perk to using the single-use pods is that you no longer have waste coffee. If you’re like me, you always make more coffee than you can drink. I always end up having to pour out my last half-pot. Plus, the nearly endless options to choose from are astounding. French vanilla, pumpkin spice, mocha, caramel, whatever your fancy you’ll find it here. 

The Reason I Choose K Cups. 

If you’re like me, you enjoy a variety of coffee blends. I regularly indulge in a sweet creamy french vanilla latte; I’m also a bit of a coffee “thrill seeker.” I love to try things I have never before experienced. and with flavored k cups, I can. I can taste and sample coffee beans from around the globe. From coffee “power players” to blends from countries’ I can barely pronounce; I can choose what I want. I can have something different in my cup every day. That choice is something that is important to me. If I want to try something new I can do so without having to “fully commit” and purchase a large multi-cup quantity. I’m an American; I like my freedom anyway I can have it. 

Where Can “I” buy K Cups? 

Probably the biggest reason I use K Cups or pods is that You can buy them almost anywhere. Pods are widely available from big box stores to most gas stations. I can even order them online and have them delivered to my house. There are almost as many places to buy coffee pods as there are flavor options. Whether you are a coffee purist or a flavor adventurer you can find the perfect way to satiate your vice with K cups.


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