Why Dental Implants Prevent Facial Aging

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One of the biggest fears as we age is the sudden changes in our appearance; the fact of the matter is you can avoid the most obvious change – preventing facial sagging when replacing teeth. 

Protecting Against Bone Loss 

When it comes to tooth implants Burbank CA residents overwhelmingly choose this option because it reinforces your facial structure, and dentures and bridges won’t. Many long-term implant studies have shown that their condition, shape, and durability have consistently improved over the years, quickly rising in popularity. 

Missing teeth will quickly cause bone deterioration which ultimately leads to sagging in facial appearance. Without any structure rooted into the gums the body quickly realizes that space is empty, and the bone is no longer being utilized as it should. The body then begins to re-absorb the bone since it’s no longer being used. Once resorption of the jawbone begins the facial skeleton starts to collapse. 

Why Implants Are More Popular 

For years, dentures were the number one choice to replace teeth and restore a smile, however, most patients were initially unaware of the obvious problems that would occur; 

Dentures tend to slip out of place 
Dentures can promote infection and decay in surrounding teeth 
The biggest problem is dentures do not support the jawbone and thus will affect your overall facial structure 

You can see why over the years, implants have become the more popular method of teeth restoration. 

The Procedure Is Efficient 

Teeth implants are made of titanium and are offered to patients in various shapes, sizes, and with different coatings. A titanium screw is surgically implanted into the jaw bone, and then prosthetic teeth secure to the screw. The shape, length and diameter of an implant vary depending on the intended use and the clinical situation of the patient. The implants do not compromise your speech, as dentures typically do, and they help improve gums and bone. Most importantly, the screw that is inserted into your jaw adheres to the bone and tricks your body into believing you still have roots and teeth attached. 

Implants In Unfavorable Conditions 

Many times there isn’t enough bone to complete an implant, but they can also be used in unfavorable bone and mucous membrane conditions. For this, additional surgical procedures are often necessary before, during or after the actual implantation. 

Also, for more than 40 years, titanium has been the standard material for dental implants, but the metal is not tolerated by all patients. As an alternative, ceramic implants can be used, and thanks to the constant evolution of technology, they are becoming more and more similar to their titanium counterparts. 

How Do They Look? 

Unbelievable results can be accomplished with dental implants. They look and feel exactly like your natural teeth, and no one will be able to distinguish between the implant or your regular teeth. 

Caring for Implants 

Like natural teeth, implants need regular monitoring and care to detect problems early and initiate appropriate treatment. The success depends, among other things, on optimum dental hygiene. 

The important thing to keep in mind is that although you may not be able to avoid losing teeth as you age, there are solutions to keep a bright smile.


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