Month: July 2017

Why Patients Don’t Always Take Their Medications

When you get sick and visit your doctor, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll receive a prescription for medication. The purpose of the medication is usually to treat the symptoms of your illness and resolve the issue. While most people understand that medication is intended to address the health issue, there are many instances…

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A Brief History of the Kaiser – The Bun, Not the Man

The Kaiser bun has been around for an awfully long time. Being a favorite of New Yorkers, the popularity has gradually spread across the United States as well. These rolls have been around since at least 1760, at least in the version that you see now. It’s quite possible that the recipe for Kaisers have…

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Understanding Hearing Loss Can Also Help Treat It

Medical awareness campaigns have become fairly common over the past few decades. And the public has proven itself quite receptive to most of their messages. It’s led to growing awareness of possible carcinogens, promising medical research and the human stories behind many of these ailments. But imagine if there were a debilitating medical condition which…

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